It's been more than 10 years since we started to devise our Natursand sand pools. In all this time many copycats have emerged in different countries, but we have managed to keep market leaders because we have always prioritized the quality and durability of our pools, based, above all, on R & D.

Natursand Arena

At present, our last layer of sand Natursand It's actually made up of four different layers. Each one, applied separately and with its respective drying time. The challenge we have encountered all these years is to make the touch and the appearance of sand. But also, it has a durability and maintenance similar to the tile. Today I think we have even surpassed it, especially with the emergence of the last layer of protection introduced year and a half ago in our process.

Protection and durability

We can watch videos on YouTube of the type "build your sand swimming pool", where there are formulas with silica sand (you burn your feet) and a commercial conglomerate. But this is not true. The theme of the pools is extremely complex, since is being used (chlorine, ph correctors, etc.) acids that degrade any surface in a short time. In addition, the Sun is extremely harmful for surfaces of exterior. All this means that we have had to investigate and generate our own layer of sand to fight against all these inconveniences.

Today, in addition to not burn, not slide, have got a last layer of sand lasting in the time, both or more than the tile, that supports any type of acid in proportions superior to them of a pool and that not is alters with the Sun, thanks to its protection anti UV. So we had to start from different types of resins in each of our four layers. Starting resin highly resistant to chemicals, used in laboratory floors, adding UV protection Sun, micro-particles of glass so it will not slip, plastic resins to make it eternal in the last of the four layers, intermediate layers so that no dirt enters the pores, sand made with grain sizes perfect and similar to the Japanese akadama , etc...


All this, on our base of high quality concrete projected 25cm, makes our pools are tremendously reliable and durable in time. In addition to its undeniable beauty we have achieved a really good product, lasting and with an equal or better maintenance of a conventional swimming pool. We took a big step about two years ago with the last layer, we improved with the intermediate layer a year ago, we started this 2017 with a second layer improved in terms of a significant increase in elasticity and do not know if you can, but try our R & D continue improving What we already have.

For more details on the composition of the Natursand Arena, please contact us.

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